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Wes Davis: Online Course Instructor - Start an Online Business in 12 Weeks
Wes Davis

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My name is Wes Davis. I help new Entrepreneurs and small business owners (people) start and grow their online business.

I’m a Software Engineer, Internet Marketer, Multimedia Developer, Writer, and more. I am an Entrepreneur. I own and co-own several websites across the web.

After helping many other people over the last several years, I decided to compile my processes, strategies, and techniques into one short course. This course actually shows me, Wes Davis, building an online business from scratch.

You simply follow along with me for 12 weeks and build yours.

Start an Online Business in 12 Weeks

What's Inside?

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Organic Growth

In this online course, you will learn how to start an online business using natural, organic growth. Get targeted traffic and turn them into a targeted audience.

Rank on Google

In this course, I build a real online business. I ranked an article #1 on Google (Top Position) with a brand new website. Learn how to rank on Google, and compete with the big websites.

Works for Any Business

If you have an existing business, it works. If you have a brick and mortar business, it works. E-Commerce, Digital Products, Affiliate Marketing, Services, Actor Headshots, Becoming Famous... it works.

What People Are Saying

"I've worked with Wes now since 2007. He knows more than anyone I've met about starting a business online. Wes has been an integral part of the success of many projects we have worked on together. If he says he can do something, he does it. I regularly trust Wes to represent my company to clients and with important tasks that only someone with his unique skill set could accomplish!"
Testimonial: Start Online Business - Ben Stone
Ben Stone
Stone Graphic Design
"Wes Davis is a wealth of knowledge. Our company spun off a separate, online business to sell products exclusively online. He helped us rank at the top of Google over our competition in less than 6 weeks... and so much more! I've been in this business for years and learned that there was so much we didn't know. His process was amazing and made everything seem easy with a little work."
Testimonial: Start Online Business
Digital Marketing Director

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