Best Project Management Software for Online Business

Best Project Management Software for Online Business

When working on the web, having a project management software for online business is absolutely crucial for success. While there are many options for project management software, there are now many that are specifically tuned for online business, and let me tell you… They are fantastic! So, what is the best project management software for online business?

In my opinion, the best project management software for online business is Asana and Google Workspace. If you use Google Apps with Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc… Google Workspace is just the paid version of Google Apps so you can tie your domain and organization to it. Both Asana and Google Workspace versions that are free forever. I use both and honestly feel that with both of these amazing platforms, you don’t need anything else for Project Management.

With that said, let’s look at some of the features and functionality of both Google Workspace and Asana that makes this killer combination the best project management software for online business.

Project Management Software Specifically for Online Business

With Asana, when you create a new project, you can pick from a massive number of templates that will build a customizable project that’s easy to manage.

Several of these templates focus on, specifically, online business.

For example, there are templates for Content Calendar, Editorial Calendar, and Social Media Calendar.

Notably, I have multiple content calendars. I have content calendars for blog posts for multiple websites. Then, I have a content calendar for creating course videos. Since I’m about to start a YouTube campaign, I will also be creating a content calendar for that.

Additionally, when you create a new project from a template, it gives you a sample project and a tutorial on how to use the software to manage the project.

It’s simple to learn and to use.

I think it’s awesome that they go above and beyond to help make it easy to setup projects specific to online business in their software.

Manage Your Business and Projects Online from Anywhere

The fact that both Asana and Google Workspace are both cloud-based software, means you can manage your business and projects online from anywhere. This is perfect for the online business entrepreneur.

I have used Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides for almost a decade now. Honestly, I have 5 different laptops that I use for different things. And I use all of them. I also have a render computer that is used for 3D rendering.

Then, you can’t forget the cell phone. You always have that on you right?

Yes… These work on your cell phone too.

So, this means that you can manage your business and projects from any device, even if you don’t have your own device with you.

Collaboration Tools for Managing Projects

Whether you act as all of the roles in your processes or not, collaboration tools for managing projects can be especially helpful.

For example, in Asana, you can assign temporary roles if you need some extra help from someone for a brief period of time.

If you have a large team, you can easily bring them on board and assign them tasks and roles.

Asana will update and share calendars accordingly. This automation makes it incredibly easy to track deadlines, tasks, and performance.

Asana also has project boards, where you (or someone on your team) can perform most tasks through your process until they are complete.

Again, whether you are working alone, or on a team, these boards are incredibly useful for tracking and managing your projects.

Create, Store, and Manage Files for Projects on the Internet

Did I mention that Asana integrates easily with Google Workspace? We are talking calendar, drive, files, pretty much everything. You can even access Asana right inside of your Google Workspace Dashboard.

These two online software platforms make it easy to create, store, and manage files for your projects on the internet. Project management for online business is incredibly easy using the Google Workspace and Asana Software.

Again, since I use 3 to 6 different computers on a fairly regular basis, I can access any of my video scripts, slide presentations, spreadsheets, designs, and projects from any of these devices.

There’s no thumb drives, or “Oh! I forgot my laptop!”

I can access just about everything I need from Asana and Google Workspace using any device with an internet connection.

Did I Miss Something Important?

There’s so much I could cover about project management software for online business. I pretty much got straight to the point of what I use.

Asana and Google Workspace. I know that there are many of you out there that could chime in and add to this. Please do in the comments!

What project management software do you use for online business? Are there any features from Asana or Google Workspace that I should have mentioned here? Let me know in the comments!

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