Getting Started
Week 1: Proper Website and Hosting
Week 2: Basic Website Content
Week 3: Plan Your Content Strategy
Week 4: Branded Profiles and Social Media
Week 5: Your First Blog Article
Week 6: Content is King
Week 7: Fine Tuning Your Website
Week 8: Getting Started with Link Building
Week 9: Automation and Long Form Content
Week 10: Social Media Marketing 101
Week 11: Growing Your Audience
Week 12: Monetize and Maintain
What Now?

The Successful Online Business Idea

In this video lesson, we will discuss the successful online business idea. Is it a good online business idea? How likely is it that your online business idea will be a success? What are some good ways to determine your idea’s potential for success?

In this lesson, we will look at all those questions and more.

There’s a Difference Between Local Physical Businesses and Online Businesses

Some Entrepreneurs or small business owners are used to owning or running a small local business. Online business is completely different. With “Brick and Mortar” businesses, people will come because of location, your new, in their community, word of mouth, and many other factors.

Most of these same factors don’t apply to online business. With online business, you need to focus on ranking in search engines, online presence, and growing your audience. It also helps to find a niche that doesn’t have much competition.

Watch the Video above to complete this lesson.

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